Now We’re Cookin’! World’s Best Mini Pumpkin Pies

I’m not afraid to say that these are, indeed, the world’s best mini pumpkin pies and it’s all thanks to this recipe I found the other day quite by accident.

I already have a pumpkin pie recipe that I’ve been using for quite some time, but this one came up randomly in my feed so I clicked it and decided to give it a try. I think it was when she mentioned using an extra egg yolk to make it more silky smooth.

I decided to make us each our own mini pumpkin pie to go along with the full sized lemon meringue I made. I used the same flaky, delicious pie crust for each one but for the pumpkin pies I made six balls of dough and pressed them into the oversized muffin tin holes:

Then, after gutting and roasting, I made the pumpkin puree out of one of my sugar pumpkins I grew in our garden this year.

Each one is enough for about two pies, so these are just perfect to grow and save for months after you pick them!

I used the recipe from the video with my home made, home grown pumpkin puree and the pies came out absolutely perfect!

I topped it off with the spiced whipped cream topping that I also made from scratch following the video.

Everyone loved these and they were gone quickly. I can’t recommend that recipe enough! Big or small, this is definitely my new favorite now.

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