Adventures in Photography: Grand Teton Wildlife

Last week we spent a couple of days celebrating our anniversary over the mountains in Jackson Hole. We treated ourselves to a fireside room at the Jackson Hole Lodge, dinner at the Four Seasons, did a bit of antique shopping and of course drove up into the park where I was able to get quite a few good wildlife photos along the way.

It was brutally cold out and there were quite a few hunters doing their thing so I wasn’t sure if they’d have everything spooked, but there were plenty of critters in every direction!

We saw lots and lots of trumpeter swans…

We saw quite a few moose in an area specifically designated as “no hunting allowed”. 😄

And a fair number of elk which are starting to move down into the refuge just north of Jackson…

There were a few deer, a few bald eagles and a big, beautiful golden eagle which I didn’t get great shots of because they were just a bit out of range for my camera’s zoom. 😥

My camera is great for landscape shots but I definitely need to upgrade my equipment for wildlife photography! Maybe Santa will bring me a telephoto lens and a new camera. I better let him know now before he buys me a robe or something hehe.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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