Fun In Jackson Hole

We took a drive over the pass to spend a couple of days in Jackson Hole for our anniversary and I’m so glad we did. I was able to get some amazing wildlife photos which I’ll share once I recover enough from our trip to upload and go through them all. We saw moose and deer and elk and swans and bald eagles and a few other things, most of which I was able to get some good shots of.

It was brutally cold on both sides of the mountain but the roads were clear and it was oh so beautiful! We had dinner at the Four Seasons and got a fireside room at our favorite lodge…

We did a bit of antique shopping…

Well, window shopping. Their antique stores are more like museums with a few pieces that cost more than our house. 😄

It’s still fun to look though.

Jackson itself was packed full of people which was surprising because this is usually the “off season” when most of the shops, restaurants and hotels are either closed or nearly empty. Not this year. I guess there are a lot of us who want to come all year long, whether or not the park or the ski runs are open.

Anyway, I’ll put some more photos up soon but in the meantime, I have to unpack and unwind a bit.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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