Now We’re Cookin’: Breaded Quail & Steamed Broccoli

Last night after we got back home from our day out in the snow, we were tired in a good way but chilled to the bone and needed some hot coffee and good home cooking to warm us up! So I whipped up some more of my rosemary garlic artisan bread while the hubs set about frying us up some of the quail we butchered.

It takes about three or four birds apiece to make a good sized portion and even though there were three of us since our son was with us, we had plenty to go around.

He did two pans; one with the breasts and one with the legs and thighs. He sauteed them in butter and olive oil after seasoning them with salt, pepper and garlic with a pinch of cayenne and then rolling them in flour.

While the bread baked and he worked on those, I steamed us up some fresh broccoli for me and some brussel sprouts with a splash of lemon juice for them since for some reason they find them tasty (eww)…

Everything was timed just right to come together and it was enough to make everyone’s mouths water…

If you’ve never had quail, it tastes quite a bit like pheasant. If you’ve never had that, well, you’re missing out because both are delicious! šŸ˜„

It was the perfect way to finish the day. We even had some left over to share with the pups. Niko was first since he was being such a goodest boy…

We tend to eat simple, home cooked meals like this and while it’s nice to have fancier, more complicated things now and then, this is the kind of comfort food that really hits the spot after a cold day out playing in the snow.

It’s even more rewarding when it’s things you grow or raise yourself! It really is true when they say there’s nothing more flavorful than home grown. Which is why we love the homesteading lifestyle.

There’s just a lot of satisfaction that goes into living this way. šŸ™‚

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