Adventures in Idaho: Why We Love Island Park

We’re always looking for new places to adventure, especially with the dogs, yet we find ourselves drawn back to Island Park again and again.


Well for one thing it’s close to home, so that helps. We’re just an hour away from some of the best snowmobiling trails in the world which, for us, translates to the best dog mushing trails! Here’s the lastest video I put together of our dog sledding adventures up there.

Now watching that first part, you may ask yourself why we would want to share the road with snowmobilers! That’s a good question and after what happened there, I’d be happy to never do it again! ๐Ÿ˜„

The reason we run the dogs on snowmobile trails is pretty simple; they’re already groomed and packed down so our pups don’t have to try and “break trail” themselves. It just isn’t fun for them or us when they are trying to wade through deep snow and since we do this for fun, we want it to be easy for them (and us!).

Plus we usually have no problems with the snowmobilers. They are almost always extremely careful and polite. They always get a kick out of seeing us on the trail and love to stop and pet the pups and take pictures and video with us, which the dogs love.

Another reason we love it up there is because Island Park is just beautiful. It is dubbed “the longest main street in America”. On the way we get to see the Tetons in the distance if the weather allows and the drive up the mountain is just gorgeous all year around.

There are tons of cabins to rent and a couple of lodges.

The Angler’s Lodge was even featured on Gordon Ramsey’s Hotel Hell show a few years ago. ๐Ÿ˜„

We’ve never stayed there, or really anywhere up there because it’s close enough to home that we just go up for the day and drive back to sleep in our own bed. Plus, we almost always have the pack with us since it’s where we run them the most.

Because with an average snowfall of 219 inches a year, it’s the snowiest place in Idaho!

We can always count on enough early season snow to make for some good sledding!

Now if we could just count on the snowmobilers to stay in their lane… ๐Ÿคจ๐Ÿ˜‚

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