I Owe It To Them

I’ve run out of wild bird seed and I feel a bit guilty because we won’t be getting more until next week when our feed store delivery comes. They bring us a weekly supply of chicken feed, dog food and once in awhile, wild bird food.

We were buying our dog food from them by the pallet but we’re moving our sheds around and need them empty so it’s nice to have everything delivered on a regular schedule and their prices are much better than anywhere else, which is also nice. To top it off, they are locally owned and operated so we feel good about supporting them instead of the big box, chain stores.

The little sparrows and finches and chickadees are already noticing and seem annoyed that I’m slacking over here. 😄

They are just too adorable, even when they’re mad…

The starlings seem to have disappeared and the somehow the snow has mostly melted even though the temperatures are still well below freezing. I guess the sunshine was warm enough to do that, which is great for me because it means no shoveling and great for the birds because they can find food out there more easily.

I’m sure they’d survive winter just fine here without my feeding them but I don’t want them to have to struggle. They bring me so much pleasure on the long winter days, keeping me company in the nearby trees and at the window feeders that I feel like I owe it to them in return.

Maybe I’ll go grab a small bag from the grocery store just to get through until next week…

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