As I mentioned in my last post, winter has arrived here regardless of what the calendar says! As I went out to feed everyone this morning, it was abundantly clear and bitterly cold. 🥶

The signs of fall are still around, they are just covered in snow.

Thankfully all the heated water bowls seem to be working so I didn’t have to break the ice for the birds.

I do need to get a new warming light for the laying hens because theirs broke which means no eggs. Just empty nesting boxes.

I also noticed that the little lovely petunias I accidentally grew when the seeds fell between the cracks of the brick floor in the greenhouse are still blooming!

I was tempted to water them but it was so cold I didn’t feel like hauling a bucket to the faucet and back. I just wanted to get back inside, warm up my toes and get to work on my baking.

The flowers will just have to manage on their own (or not). I’ve got cookies to make! 🙂

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