Radical Acceptance

We may still be six weeks away from the official date, but winter has unofficially arrived. For the foreseeable future, our daily highs will only be in the 20s and down to single digits overnight. I’m sure all the new refugees from California are second guessing their choice to move to Idaho about now. 😄

There’s no going back so we all just have to accept that it’s here and make the best of it. The good thing is, I have plenty of things to do and lots of time to do them now.

I have a lot of baking still to do…

I have bears to make…

And I have quite a bit of cleaning and rearranging to do. I bought a new produce basket rack for the potatoes and onions down under the stairs so I can move them out of the plastic laundry baskets I have them in.

I’m also sprucing up the laundry room which has been neglected the last few months while I was busy fussing over the garden. We remodeled it a few years ago and it’s such a great space but could use a little attention.

First, though, I need some more coffee. I can’t even think about doing anything else until I get that out of the way! Yes, I am addicted. I accept it. 🙂

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