Adventures in Prepping: Who’s Ready For Snow?

Things have been relatively quiet here the last couple of days, especially out in the coop. I don’t think the chickens were quite ready for snow yet and have been staying cooped up inside even though the gate to their pasture is still open for them.

The pups, on the other hand, sure are happy! They are like little kids on Christmas morning…

While some of them refuse to come back inside and prefer to even sleep out in the snow (as in, literally IN the snow rather than in their dog houses or indoor kennels), a few of them only want to go out to get their crazies out and then want right back in so they can dry off and eat soup with me. 😄

It looks like there will be enough snow at our favorite mushing spots to take them up the mountain this weekend, so we have tentative plans for that.

Today I need to go through the sledding supplies to make sure we have everything we need in our backpack (first aid kit, extra gloves, hats, socks, hand warmers, emergency radio, cell phone charger etc) and also in the truck just in case of an emergency (wool blankets, emergency propane heater, water, snacks, etc). I also like to have plenty of extra food and water and treats for the pack *just in case*. The hubs is responsible for all the tools, flares, chains, ice scraper, etc.

Our sledding backpack has a battery built into it that we keep charged so we can use it to plug in our phone *just in case*.

It’s good to be prepared, no matter where you live but here it can be life or death pretty quickly this time of year and I’d rather not find out the hard way that we weren’t ready.

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