In the Mood

We got our first good snow last night. It’s the kind that sticks and makes the pups happier than anything else. Well, except for leftover soup. I am pretty sure they would trade a whole winter’s worth of snow days for a bowl of my home made soup!

While they were reveling in the snowfall until well past their bedtime, I was disappointed we couldn’t see the eclipse because of the clouds but I was looking through the photos I took earlier this week of the evening sky. It had such an ethereal, moody look to it!

As the evening turned toward night, the moon was shining brightly against a beautiful deep blue background for a few minutes. I was afraid my camera wouldn’t capture the gorgeous velvety coloring but much to my delight, it did.

As I was busy admiring my photos, I could hear the pups trying hard to stifle their happy yips and howls and doing quiet zoomies out in their play yards. We have solar lights with motion detectors and they kept going on and off, depending on where the pack was at the moment. They know after a certain time of night they can’t be too rowdy or they’ll get locked up in the smaller kennels, and none of them wanted to risk that.

At one point I had to stop and watch them because they are so dang cute when they get that excited over the first snow.

They saw me at the window and stopped to see if they were in trouble (they weren’t).

They soon went back to running and playing and probably couldn’t understand why I wasn’t running out to join in the fun. πŸ˜„

3 thoughts on “In the Mood

  1. Wonderful moon pictures! Getting good shots of the moon can be so difficult. When my husband got the camera set up we have now, with the DSLR and tripod, we tried to do some long exposure shots, only to discover the moon looking elongated, because of how much it moved during the exposure time!

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      1. The joy of digital photography! You can get away with taking as many shots as you want, and not worry about using up your roll of film. 😁

        I honestly don’t know if we were able to see it. We went to bed! πŸ˜„ I’m pretty sure we were overcast most of the night, though, considering the weather systems blowing over us, with rain and snow.


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