Oh My Lord, What Have I Done?

Because we’re at that age and at that stage in our marriage where it’s getting really hard to find the right gifts for each other, I decided to do something quirky this year. I was going to be romantic and have a distant star named after the hubs but then I found Established Titles where you can purchase a Lordship. Or a Ladyship. Or both.

I bought both, that way my gift is covered just in case he forgets our anniversary. Which he better not!!

Now don’t laugh, because we both have Scottish heritage and not only does it come with the title and a certificate that you can have printed and framed (for an extra fee of course) but it also comes with actual land. In Scotland. On an estate.

Okay, so it’s only one square foot of land (each) and we don’t really “own” it (I don’t think), but it does come with the option of planting a tree (for an extra fee of course). It’s on an actual estate that you can almost see from Google street view.

The sheep kind of block the view but it’s over there. Somewhere.

Lucky for me they are having a Black Friday sale so I didn’t pay too much for it, but I did make the mistake of telling the hubs ahead of time what I did. Our anniversary is still a couple weeks away but he’s thrilled at the idea of being a Lord. He’s already changed all of his digital stuff to reflect his new title so now when he calls it comes up as Lord Hubby. His emails have Lord ahead of his name. He said he’s going to order a new bank card with Lord on it, too, and one for me that says Lady ahead of my name.

Oh, Lord, I think I may have created a monster here. 😄

5 thoughts on “Oh My Lord, What Have I Done?

  1. Oh, that’s great! I just saw a promo about them in a video I watched (they are the sponsor). I found it hilarious that you can not only get the tittle, but the promo code lets you neighbours with a lobster.

    When my oldest daughter was a toddler, the city we lived in had an old Tudor style hotel with an Old England theme, from the decor to the menu in their restaurant, to the period costumes the staff wore. When my husband left the military, it was one of the hotels they would put us up in as part of paying to move us back to our home province. Owning the hotel comes with the title of Lord (or Lady), and they had a thing where you could buy a genuine certificate to be a member of the court. We got one for our daughter. I’ve still got it, somewhere. If she ever travells to England, she could make use of the title, if she wanted. LOL

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