Well That Was Fun While it Lasted

Our Halloween decorating efforts paid off and we had more trick-or-treaters this year than ever before, so that was fun. At the last minute I decided to dress up to hand out candy, which was fun, too! I can’t remember the last time I dressed up for Halloween but it’s been quite awhile.

I threw together a witches costume using a dark green dress I’ve had for ages, some black mesh fabric I cut from one of our hanging phantoms (who had plenty to spare) and a hat I picked up from Goodwill that I was going to use on our outdoor animated witch but decided not to.

The bay window projector material made for a great backdrop for a quick picture of me with my “pet” spider (which I was holding upside down for some reason)…

The hubs had no interest in wearing a costume at his age and I *wanted* to dress the pups up, but like him, they don’t do costumes, either.

They are only interested in wearing their sled harnesses. 😄

They were, however, interested in all the kids coming to the door and all the candy being handed out so we ended up putting them away until it was all over. The last thing we needed to worry about was me forgetting to latch the gate at the top of the stairs and one of them escaping through the front door and running off into the night, especially with all those kids with their bags of candy roaming about!

That would have been a real life nightmare.

So now we are left with a ton of left over candy which I can’t eat and all the cleanup work. And I am going to be left utterly exhausted after all this fun, so it will probably take me a few days to recover.

The weather service has issued a high wind warning for this evening with gusts up to 60mph (!) so I don’t get the luxury of putting it off for a few days. I have to get out there soon otherwise all my stuff will blow into the next county. Maybe even over into Wyoming.

Have I mentioned it’s windy here in Idaho?

It will probably take a couple hours to get it all done but first I have to find somewhere to store it all. I am seriously running out of room here yet I keep adding more things and then complaining about it later.

So much for having an “empty” nest! 🙂

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