A Very Unexpected Visitor

This morning we had an unexpected visitor show up! I’m not sure if this cute little black faced sheep was part of someone’s Little Bo Peep costume last night, but I suspect they escaped from one of the neighbor’s pastures and decided to come tease the pack just for fun.

I didn’t have time to try to catch it and pen it up before it ran off down the road. Hopefully it found its way back home.

Lucky for me most of the pups were penned up in the smaller kennels or in the house with me, but just to be safe I put everyone else away. Not that they can escape their pens anyway. We’ve had plenty of critters come close enough to put that question to the test!

Still, I’d rather not risk it just so they can have some mutton.

And here I was complaining the other day that there wasn’t enough livestock around here. 😄

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