Our 2022 Halloween Haunt: Final Tour!

We made a few adjustments and put the finishing touches on our Halloween decorations which means we are ready for trick-or-treaters tonight! Here’s a video walkthrough of the whole thing:

One of the biggest changes was moving the “Boo Crew” to project onto the garage instead of using the blow up forms we’d bought from AtmosFX which are designed to use with them. The problem with those was the drastic change of air temperature meant they kept moving and deflating, making it almost impossible to use them without constantly fussing over them. πŸ™„

Next year we hope to have a foam crypt built to house them using the projection material but until then, this works.

Ditching the blow up forms also meant moving one of the projectors to the middle of the driveway and while we built a box with a fake tombstone to put it in to disguise it, it still looked a bit odd just sitting there all alone. So we moved the grim reaper over next to it which means now he greets our trick-or-treaters as they move toward the door.

We tried to use a mix of not-so-scary and somewhat-scary stuff since it is Halloween but we didn’t want to go overboard and scare the little ones too much.

Hopefully everyone appreciates the effort and has lots of fun tonight making their way to the door. I hope you have a Happy Halloween wherever you are, too!! πŸ•·πŸŽƒπŸ‘»πŸ•ΈπŸ’€

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