Sunday Spillover: Sunsets, Snow & Silly Pups

This week was a ‘flurry’ of activity here. We finished getting the garden beds prepped for next year’s planting just before the first official snow arrived.

Much to mine and the pup’s dismay, it didn’t stay long. Like them, as soon as the first flakes fall I get all giddy and feel like a kid at Christmas! Then I remembered Halloween hasn’t even come yet and we don’t want snow until after the trick-or-treaters come and go.

We decided to get the snowplow ready just in case…

You never know when it will return and if it will stay when it does.

Reattaching the plow puts my mind at ease because chances are the hubs will be at work when a blizzard hits but doing so officially puts our dry mushing buggy out of commission. So the pups will have to wait now for us to break out the dog sled and head up into the woods.

For their sake I do hope we can do that soon now that they’ve had that first taste of snow…

They seem to think we can control the weather and mom’s just being mean by taking their fun away. šŸ˜„

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