On the Hunt

For two empty nesters who couldn’t think of anything to do yesterday we sure stayed busy all day. Since it’s hunting season (don’t worry I won’t share graphic photos of dead critters), the hubs wanted a new hunting rifle. He also wanted a new chest holster for our bear/moose gun that we take out with us sledding.

After a few sled dog teams were stomped by moose last year, we don’t want to take any chances! 😣

So our first stop was Cabela’s. While he admired the guns and gear, I admired all the taxidermy on the walls (I only said I wouldn’t show GRAPHIC photos of dead critters!).

Cabela’s was our first and fourth and then finally our final stop, because of course he had to go over to Sportsman’s Warehouse and the local gun shop and the other local gun shop to check and double check prices before deciding to go back to Cabela’s and get what he wanted. 😄

By the time it was over I was sick of looking at guns and dead animals! They were probably sick of me, too…

Of course then we had to go back and forth to each place again to price the bullets for his new rifle since he forgot to do that (only Sportsman’s had the ones he wanted but we ended up buying them online for much cheaper anyway). He also ordered a new gun case for it since they didn’t have the one he wanted in store, either.

So once that was settled and the case and ammo were ordered, we decided to stop at our favorite diner for lunch.

It’s been in business since before we moved here and they have the best food in town. They also have the best waitresses!

They thankfully didn’t have any dead critters on the walls but they did have a few dead celebrities. Namely Marilyn Monroe, James Dean and Elvis.

Only young Elvis, though. Which is probably a good thing because older, fat Elvis might have put me off my lunch! 🤮

No offense if you’re an older, fat Elvis fan.

By the time we were done there it was time to head back and exercise the pups. We’re working on a “hamster wheel” for them but in the meantime, we just open all their pens and run them through the “gauntlet” around and around until they wear out.

Our friends up in Virginia City, Montana called to let us know they are getting snow up there so hopefully in a couple weeks we’ll be heading up to do some sledding with them. We have the GoPro hooked onto the sled so we should be able to get some good video of that.

We’re also going to be doing some deer hunting so hopefully the pups will reap the benefit of that. They get all the leftover bits and bones. We’re doing our own butchering and processing this year so that’s exciting.

Don’t worry, like I said, I won’t be posting pictures of all the gory details. I know some people get all weird about that. Even if they enjoy eating a nice, juicy steak. For some reason seeing where it comes from puts them off their lunch the same way fat Elvis does me. 😉

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