Last Best Day

My hubby has a few days off so we’ve been debating what to do with our free time. Who would have thought at our age that we’d run out of ideas?

We could run the pups with the sled now that there’s some snow up on the mountain, but we’d have to go pretty far up to get to where it’s deep enough and the hunters are out still. We’d hate for one of them to mistake our sled dogs for a pack of wolves. 🙄

We could go to the gun store and buy him that new hunting rifle he’s had his eye on for awhile, but that won’t take long.

We could go shopping at Costco and spend way too much money on things we don’t really need (or have room for!).

I’d like to go back to walk in the park again, but it’s super cold and cloudy out now. It even tried to snow yesterday! I guess the last time I went was the proverbial last best day of the year because the forecast is telling me that I should probably get used to the idea of being cooped up for awhile.

Oh well, at least I got some good pictures while it lasted…

Maybe I can talk him into going back to Planet Doom again… 🤔😄

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