Weathering the Spooky Storm

The wind is literally howling today, which makes the roof creak and the windows rattle and really sets my teeth on edge. I spent the morning making sure our Halloween decorations are secured and bringing in the ones that aren’t hardy enough to survive hurricane force gales.

Which meant most of them (grrr). Only a few things seem to be okay, including my chicken wire ghost girl. I did have to bring in the tombstone that goes with her, though.

Speaking of survival, we made it through Planet Doom safely and boy, was it worth risking a mast attack!

It took about half an hour to wind our way through everything and I did surprisingly well. Of course I was medicated to the max and had to hold my breath when we passed through the radioactive waste area because it was filled with thick fog machine fog.

I would show it to you but I was only able to snap a few pictures on the way in…

My son pointed out that they use the same light bulbs we have on the garage and porch lights. 😄

I only got as far as the stage where the awesome zombie dancers come out to entertain us while we waited in line before being told to put our phones away. They want all of the scary stuff to be a mystery for paying customers only.

Honestly, I don’t blame them!

Once they usher you from there into the main part of the haunt, it’s non-stop scares and spooky-ness at every turn. It was so awesome. They have definitely earned their reputation for being one of the best haunted attractions in this part of the country!

Next week we’re visiting the haunted hospital and theater, the haunted forest and the infamous Haunted Mill which is another really good one. I can’t wait for that one!

Until then, I am just hoping this horrible weather calms down. It’s kind of freaking me out…

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