Our Halloween Haunt 2022: More Lights, Please!

We’re still adding the finishing touches to our Halloween decorations. It’s coming along nicely and we’re becoming “that house” on the block where people slow down and take time to take it all in. The kids especially love it as we can hear them every now and then when they roll the windows down and get all excited.

Which is what Halloween is all about! 🎃

One of the things we needed was more lighting in general mostly because where we live it gets really, really dark. There are no street lights and unless the moon is full, it’s pitch black out there. Which is great for star gazing, not so good for seeing our spooky tombstones.

Aside from the ghostly light on the chicken wire ghost girl, and the flickering lightbulbs on the porch light and garage lights, we had a couple of solar spotlights but they were pretty boring. I added some purple and orange net lighting to a couple of the bushes, and that helped, but we needed more.

So I found these oscillating solar lights that slowly turn colors and added a few here and there and everywhere:

They definitely did the job!

I also bought a flaming light from Spirit Halloween to aim at the willow so now my ghosties are dancing around the firelight…

It flickers like flames and looks amazing.

So do the digital window decorations. I just LOVE these! Here’s the Boo Crew in the upstairs bay window. Notice how they seamlessly move from window to window:

To get this effect, we hung a special cloth that works as a transparent projector screen across the entire bay window inside. Our projector sits on a table in the dining room and we aim it at the screen so it fills the whole thing up.

We have it hung so that we can roll the material up during the day, if we want to, but my sofa table is between it and the window. I moved my cheesecloth ghost to one of the upstairs windows but I still have some Halloween decorations on it and I kind of like the spooky effect it creates so I leave it down.

I will do another post showing how we have all of the indoor and outdoor projectors set up, along with a full walk through when we’re done…

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