Fall Cleanup

I’ve been putting off doing the final fall cleanup out there, mostly because I’m the queen of procrastinating and also because it’s not as much fun as it sounds. It’s definitely not as fun as, say, making pumpkin puree which will later be turned into pumpkin cookies, bread, pies and muffins…

Still, I’m running out of time to do what needs to be done out in the garden to get it ready for winter. We finally got our first frost and even a couple of freezes, so gardening season is officially over.



It’s quite obvious now that we’ve reached the end.

You wouldn’t know it by opening the greenhouse door, though…

Those seeds from last fall that fell on the brick floor and grew into these gorgeous petunias are STILL BLOOMING!

Everything else has all but given up the ghost, though. Especially all the flowers in pots I was keeping on the antique cart. So first, I emptied out all of the dead flowers and dirt from those flower pots and tucked them safely away on the shelves…

I gathered all of the veggie markers and mulched the strawberries with some grass I was saving after our final mow of the season…

I started to pull up the dead pumpkin vines and ran out of steam so I came back in for another cup of coffee and a break before I head out to pick up where I left off.

Whew. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Fall Cleanup

  1. We’ve been trapped in smoke for over a month now and still no September or October rains. I feel I must have some relation to bees then as the smoke makes me feel tired and sleepy outside no matter how much coffee I drink. I’ve only been outside long enough to water things to keep them from dying completely. It’s very frustrating.

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  2. First off…that is quite an amazing hen house in your photo! And those gorgeous volunteer petunias. Oh, my!

    I’m a Queen of Procrastination too. I gave up a quite lovely day off when I could do outdoorsy things, choosing instead to tackle indoor stuff and play with words on my computer (trying to create a few blog posts). Oh, well. The pumpkin pie I baked is good, the pantry is clean, and a few loads of laundry have been washed, dried, folded and put away. Oh, and I repotted two plumeria plants I brought in from outdoors in hopes of overwintering them and (maybe) getting some blooms next year.

    I enjoyed your lovely post and wish you great success in getting more items checked off your garden cleanup to-do list tomorrow. ~ Cindie

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