Spur of the Moment

We didn’t intend on going to the local zoo yesterday afternoon. In fact, it hasn’t been a place we’ve thought about visiting for quite some time even though we used to go a lot when the kids were younger. Yet for some reason, as we passed by yesterday, we felt the urge.

Well, I did. 😄

So we went! And I’m so glad we did.

We were actually in the neighborhood because I wanted to get some inspiration for my DIY Halloween tombstones and I love visiting Rose Hill cemetery anyway so it was a good excuse to go.

I did find some amazing grave markers and we also enjoyed a lovely nature walk as we meandered through the graveyard, taking in the gorgeous scenery. It really is a lovely setting, all things considered.

After taking a few pictures and paying our respects to the dead, I felt like walking some more so we took a quick tour of the zoo which is right next door. We didn’t have much time as they were closing soon but lucky for us it’s pretty small so we were able to get a good look at everything with plenty of time to spare.

My favorites were the lion…

And the Fennec Fox…

And of course the flamingos…

I’d almost forgotten how many beautiful and exotic animals they have! For a small zoo it’s really set up nicely and they do a great job of zoo keeping there.

I was just thankful I could get out again and go for a nice nature walk without getting sick. I always feel so much better this time of year and the difference for me between now and just a few weeks ago when the temperatures were in the 90s is striking. Back then I could barely leave the house and now?

Now I can hardly wait to get out there again.

It felt good to be almost normal.

Normal is good. 🙂

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