I’m Everyone’s Cousin

Two interesting things happened this week. One, I got a new phone with a much better camera than I expected. I’ve been snapping pictures here, there and everywhere.

It doesn’t do so well in low light with squirming pups…

…but it takes pretty detailed shots of the moon, which of course made me happy.

I am still getting used to the buttons and functionality being totally different than my last phone, but I think I love it. We’ll see how I feel when the new wears off.

Also, I’ve signed up to FamilySearch.org and I’ve been digging deep into my genealogy there. I was mildly surprised to find that I am pretty much related to everyone, maybe even you!

Heck, probably even you!

It’s not all that surprising, really, since we’re all in the human race and are pretty much all family by default.

Still, I was shocked to learn just how closely related I am to some pretty notable people. For instance, Abraham Lincoln is my 2nd cousin 4 times removed. Apparently his great grandfather married my fifth great grandmother after her first husband died.

Charles Manson is my 9th cousin. No surprise there, I have a lot of sociopaths in my immediate family. 😄🤨

Betty White is also kin, at least by marriage. I’m her husband’s 7th cousin once removed.

Some other noteworthy relatives are Robert Morris, another 7th cousin, who signed the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederacy. That one made my little patriotic heart leap a little.

I’m also a distant cousin of Jesse James, Wyatt Earp, Orville Wright and many others. Too many to name!

Those are just the American ones. My genealogy goes back to the royal families of England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Italy and as far back as the Vandals, Visigoths and even the tribe of Judah, according to the experts on FamilySearch.

I think my favorite relative is Rebecca Nurse of Salem Village who was hung for witchcraft in 1692. She’s not a cousin, though. She is my eighth great grandma directly through my maternal line. I’ve known she was kin since I was a young girl. In fact, I wrote an essay on her in 5th grade that won me an A+.

Poor Rebecca.

I think I’ll make one of my DIY Halloween tombstones with her name on it to pay my respects. 🙂

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