Still Going (and going and going)

It has been such a weird year. We should be well into sweater and warm boot season and past our harvest time but yesterday we were still out there digging up more potatoes and gathering ears of corn.

We’ve been watching the forecast and letting the corn go as long as possible, which has paid off. Some of it we shared with the chickens and pups, but most of it is for us, thankfully. I was afraid with all that heat the corn was a lost cause!

While the hubs chopped down the stalks and gathered the corn, I found quite a few pumpkins that were ready to go…

There are still a few left that aren’t quite ready so I left them on the vine.

The weather has been extremely mild and we still haven’t had our first frost here (!) which means the flowers are still blooming away, too. These marigolds are really loving this unusual weather…

Even some of the wildflowers are still hanging in there!

It looks like it’s going to stay this way for at least a couple more weeks, which doesn’t hurt my feelings. I’m finally able to be out there all day without my mast cells rebelling (unless someone close by is using their burn barrel ugh) and the evenings are nice and cool, which feels amazing.

How about you? Are you having a mild fall where you are? Let me know! πŸπŸ‚πŸŒž

2 thoughts on “Still Going (and going and going)

  1. I love the black pumpkins. We went from drought dryness to freak storms including 4in of rain from Ian yesterday. So our leaves are coming down still green. We have had a good cooling so highs that were in the 90s are upper 70s now

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