Firsts and Lasts

Things are still quite busy here at our little homestead. We picked the last of the onions and carrots yesterday and began cleanup of those beds (whew!). Today and tomorrow we’ll tackle the potatoes and corn hopefully.

Not only do we have the corn patch in the back of the property but someone (a bird? a squirrel?) deposited a kernel of corn over near the pheasants in the asparagus bed and it has not only grown but produced three big ears! šŸ˜„

So that will get harvested as well and then we are done with the garden stuff for this year.


We still have to process the meat birds and clean up the pens and greenhouse and I figure by the time we get all that done the snow will probably be here and it will be time to go mushing! Woohoo!

Okay, probably not. We’ll probably have a few weeks before the snow comes, although, I can’t be sure because last year we did get slammed with a nice bit of the white stuff right before Halloween.

It melted right off, though.

Speaking of Halloween, I am working on my chicken wire ghost girl and she is coming along nicely!

It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this and I am seriously enjoying it. In case you missed my last post about her, I’m following this tutorial I found from Wicked Makers:

I don’t think mine will be a flying one, though, mostly because I don’t have the proper workshop to make her in where I can hang her and also because the wind we get here might not be very kind to her. So I’m making her where I can secure her in a safe place, more to float above a big tombstone, kind of looking down at her own grave.

Also, instead of hair I gave mine a shroud to wear out of cheesecloth (although I don’t know how that will hold up in the wind but we’ll see).

She should be cool when it’s all done, if it turns out how I hope! šŸ™‚

I am having to do my ghost girl work in the living room upstairs, which is kind of a pain, but the craft room is already full of Halloween decorations just waiting to go out and Gunter is in the garage waiting for the hubs to change out his water pump so I can’t work in there with him nearby.

If I dinged up Gunter then I might become a “ghost” myself because the hubs would kill me! šŸ˜„

Here’s how she looks so far:

As you can see, I’ve gotten pretty far, she just needs her dress finished now and then I’ll cut her away from the dress form I’m using to sculpt her shape with. I can’t wait to get her done because I want to put everything out this week, or start to at least!

Then I can have my craft room freed up to start working on some DIY Christmas decorating. šŸ˜‰

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