All Good Things

You know that saying “all good things come to an end” and it’s true. We’re close to harvesting everything that’s left now and I can’t say I’ll miss this gardening season because it was pretty rough!

Summer has been hard on everyone. My poor duckies had to be moved into the chicken coop because it’s cooler and they can lay eggs in peace there (somewhat – one of the chickens apparently tried to claim this nest and laid her egg in there lol).

And it’s been hard on not just on the veggies but my lovely flowers who struggled, too. All except these petunias growing between the cracks of the bricks in the greenhouse that is…

They are still thriving somehow and without my fussing over them or even watering them at all. 😄

It’s not over yet, either. We’re supposed to get close to 100F again today, tomorrow and Wednesday but after that it looks like we’re going to cool down into fall and stay there.


And hopefully the corn will continue to grow after struggling so badly early on. Not only do I want the actual corn to eat, but I like to decorate with the dried corn stalks and being the cheapskate I am, I don’t want to buy them somewhere else.

They still might be a bit short this year…

I can’t hold it against them because I’m short!!

Until it cools off, we can’t get out there and lift the potatoes which are just about ready…

Hopefully the sunflowers won’t fall over onto them before we can get to them though. One by one they’re starting to naturally die off, so there’s a chance we’ll have to deal with harvesting sunflowers before we can get to those yummy spuds.

Speaking of potatoes… I’m going to try to make my own potato bread for the first time. I’ve got no clue how to do that so this will be a new adventure for me.

Wish me luck, I’ll probably need it! 🙂

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