Watching the Worker Bees

As you know, I love, love, LOVE my sunflowers and the sunflower mix I planted this year definitely didn’t disappoint! In fact, they exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to save some of the seeds for next year.

I’ve been fascinated by their beautiful colors and also how much the bees love them. Sunflowers are the best for bringing in lots and lots of bees! So many, in fact, that we decided we don’t need to do any beekeeping because these flowers are doing such a great job at helping with the local native bee populations and they bring in a wide variety of bees, rather than just honey bees.

Bees are great. I especially love to watch how they gather the pollen from the centers of the flowers, leaving beautiful circular shapes as they clear each head…

In a few short weeks the sunflowers will all be dead and the bees will be bedding down for winter. I plan to use the taller stalks for my Halloween display once they are dried out. I may paint them black (or have the hubs do it since I can’t be around paint fumes) just for a spooky look.

I’m starting to get excited about this year’s haunted house and all the upgrades we have planned. We bought some new things and we are going to be making quite a few new props ourselves so I’ll be posting about that soon!

I can hardly wait but until then, I’ll enjoy watching the bees do their thing. 🐝

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