A Day Late & A Collar Short

Yesterday was International Dog Day which, of all people, I should have acknowledged since I own more dogs than most of my readers here put together! 😄

If you’re new here, not only are we doing the suburban homesteading thing but we also have an adorable pack of Siberian Huskies who keep us busy and entertained 24/7.

In the winter this blog is filled with photos and stories of our adventures in mushing with them on the snowy trails here next to Yellowstone park and the Grand Tetons…

The pups are partly why we raise our own food, too. It’s not just for my health, but for theirs as well. They get fresh eggs every day and lots of raw meat to supplement their kibble.

Yes, they are a lot of work but they are worth it.

Many of ours are rescues, like Lola (below right) who had never even met another dog let alone another husky until we adopted her.

Needless to say, she is quite happy being in our pack now.

We would adopt every husky that needs a home if we could but since we can’t, we try to give the ones we can take care of the best life possible. We love them all so much that really, every day is a day to celebrate dogs! 🥰

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