My Cup Runneth Over

Or, rather my basket. This morning I was able to harvest enough potatoes, carrots, zucchini, oregano, basil and rosemary to go with the garlic and onions I already set aside to cure a couple weeks ago in order to make a nice, fat pot of soup for dinner tonight.


It’s so rewarding when you finally start really getting a real return on your gardening investment, especially after the summer we’ve all had! I can hardly wait to harvest the rest of my onions. Some are getting as big as baseballs and a few as big as softballs now…

They did really, really well considering.

The real reward, for me at least, will come in a couple more weeks when these sugar pumpkins are ready to turn into pies..

I love how each one gives me just about the exact amount I need to make one pie. And with so many of them growing now, that’s a lot of pumpkin pies!

Of course I’ll have to figure out a way to save most of it long term since I can’t eat a pie a day until New Year’s.

Well, I probably could, but I shouldn’t. 😄

The same goes for the apples which are nearly ready, too.

Since I don’t think I’ll be canning anything this year I’m thinking I’ll probably make the apple and pumpkin filling in batches and freeze it so we can have lots of delicious pumpkin and apple goodies for the next few months. 😊

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