Filling Out

Now that the heatwave has broken the garden is suddenly taking off, albeit a bit too late in the season to do much good. Still, it’s nice to see everything filling out after weeks of struggling out there.

The pumpkins in particular are reproducing like mad with the help of the pollinators…

Just about every flower was filled with them this morning!

While there’s not enough time for new pumpkins to mature, unfortunately, there are plenty of them that are on track for harvesting just before our season ends…

I am in love with these little mini white ones in particular! They are just SO DANG CUTE! 😄

The companion marigold flowers I planted are finally blooming, too, but again.. it’s a bit late for that lol.

The funny thing about them is they grew and grew and grew without flowering during the worst of the heat so now I have monstrously huge marigolds…

This one by the strawberry patch is nearly as tall as the sunflowers! At least it’s finally filling out, I guess.

The morning glory girl definitely won’t be filling out as I’d hoped…

The heat didn’t kill the alyssum or morning glories completely but it did stunt their growth so no dress for her this year. 😪

That’s okay, there’s always next year. Hopefully.

They are chip sealing the roads in our area today and combined with the smoke from the fire burning to the west of us I may not survive until next year! Urrggghhh.

It’s a good thing I’m finishing up filling out my will today, I guess. 😄

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