Winding Down

This has been a frustrating year for many of us and my garden is no exception. The heat has taken its toll and some things may not have time to recover in order to reach their full potential before harvest time.

Everything in the shade did fantastic, including the flowers…

But most of the wildflowers I planted out in the full sun died before they ever got a chance and the chicken’s pasture grasses also suffered quite a bit, turning brown despite us watering it as best we could.

The walking onions managed to do some “walking” but not as much as I’d hoped they would…

And the wild garlic died out completely. 😥

Some things, like the corn, are hanging in there despite the stunted growth caused by the heatwave. We’re getting quite a few ears popping up now…

…but I doubt it will be as good a harvest as we could have gotten had we had normal temps in July. The corn didn’t get very tall this year so we’ll see.

Usually it is as high as the giant sunflowers but as you can see, they are towering over the corn instead…

It seems like the raised beds fared the worst, probably because the soil temperature is harder to regulate in them. These cucumbers should be much farther along at this point…

Hopefully next year will be better, but I will be looking at ways to provide more shade and also maybe adding some drought resistant varieties of plants would be a good idea, too.

As things wind down, it’s looking like an “okay” gardening/homesteading season.

But just barely.

Have I mentioned I’m ready for fall now? 😆

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