Mellow Yellows (and a whole lotta green)

From the pumpkin patch to the cucumbers to the sunflowers and beyond, my garden is thankfully still green and filled with the most beautiful yellow hues right now…

The “black” pumpkins are getting darker by the day…

I hope they continue to get even darker because this is far from black as advertised. Still, there is time. We have five or six weeks left to go (hopefully).

I am curious what sort of hybrid seeds we might get from the pumpkin patch since I planted blacks, whites and sugar pumpkins all together. I plan to save some seeds just to see what happens with them next year and if these black ones turn out well, I’m ordering a lot more of them as well as the whites for next year since this was a test batch to see if we can grow them here.

So far, so good… they are definitely growing!

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