Bright Spots

After nearly passing out from the heat while watering my wall of willows this morning, I made may way back through the garden and tried to get everything else done as quickly as possible before seeking shelter in my air conditioned “big dog house”.

That’s what we call our place around here. 😄

It takes a full minute to water each willow tree and with thirty plus of them, that’s a long freakin’ time to stand out there while the temperature keeps rising on me! I don’t know about you, but I do NOT do standing in the heat well. It doesn’t help that I’ve had insomnia and can’t drag myself out of bed early enough to beat the heat lately to do it, either, sigh.

Which means I haven’t seen a beautiful sunrise in forever either (obviously or I’d be sharing those pictures!). 😞

I miss that. Seeing the sunrise always brightens my day!

Oh well, there are other things to brighten my day and help me forget about why I’m struggling this time of year.

Some of the petunia seeds I collected last year apparently fell down into the cracks of the greenhouse floor and inside there are now all these gorgeous flowers thriving in there somehow despite my never watering in there and it being, well, a greenhouse in nearly 100F heat!

The contrast between them and the dead mouse next to them was kind of funny, to me at least.

The sunflowers are producing the most beautiful colors, not to mention bringing in loads of bees…

I am still losing apples on the Lodi tree but the Honey Crisps are hanging in there (literally) and are getting bigger and juicer by the day…

The baby hydrangea I planted over near the wisteria is doing really well, too, despite the heat…

I planted some more hostas around the maple trees and surprisingly those are alive and well, too, even though they are just tiny little things. Hopefully everything will survive the rest of this crazy hot summer we’re having.

Hopefully everything will survive our upcoming winter, too! I have a feeling we’re in for a doozy… 😄

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