Only Three Weeks Left?!

This morning as I was looking at ordering some fall things from Burpees, they told me that our first estimated frost date is in THREE WEEKS from today.

Wait, what? 😂

My poor pumpkins are still making new babies so a frost that soon would wipe them out for sure!

And the tomatoes still need more time than that to give me a good harvest…

As much as I’m ready for summer to end and for fall to arrive, three weeks is just a bit too early to be thinking about breaking out the sweaters and snow boots.

I’m sure the pups would be ecstatic but I am still enjoying these gorgeous flowers…

Of course a good frost would drive the murder hornets into hibernation and help to cull the grasshoppers that are eating my stuff…

…but I can deal with those on my own. I just flick them to the chickens!

No, three weeks just isn’t enough time. Sorry, Burpees, but I’m going with the Old Farmer’s Almanac which predicts our first frost at the end of September, not the beginning.

That is a timeframe I can work with!

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