Sunday Spillover: Goals Accomplished!

I have so many extra photos from this week in the garden that I decided it was time for another “spillover” weekend post!

I keep finding my semi-dwarf Lodi tree isn’t quite strong enough yet to actually hold onto all these apples it’s producing…

It seems like every day now I am finding them on the ground because the branches are breaking. Maybe I need to get some netting around them for support? I don’t know. I am just surprised it has so many apples since we just planted it last year.

My goal was to have lots of apples, so technically that’s been accomplished although I’d love it for them to actually make it until they’re ripe! ๐Ÿ˜„

The sunflowers are growing so tall I am surprised they aren’t falling over from the extra weight of the flowers…

Last year I battled the wasps to gather them to make bouquets, but this year I’m not risking it and just admiring them in their natural state and letting them go to seed so we can share with the birds.

That was my main goal by growing them and so far, so good. They’ll be going to seed any day now.

I’m harvesting things to cook with every single day now, which is awesome. My goal was to grow/raise most of my “safe” foods and I have accomplished that goal. Hopefully soon we’ll have plenty of things to put away for a few months like the potatoes, carrots, corn, cucumbers and tomatoes so I can continue eating like this long after gardening season ends.

It definitely helps keep my hyper immune system issues in check! It’s not a cure, of course, but organic, home grown food for me at least is definitely good medicine.

The meat birds are growing fast and the laying hens are producing a couple dozen eggs per day for us…

Our goal for them was to produce enough eggs for us and the pups, which we’re definitely getting. We also picked this breed because they are supposed to be good mothers. Our broody hen is starting another clutch again now that she’s raised her single chick from the last hatching so I’m keeping my fingers crossed she is able to raise a bigger clutch this time.

If she does, then that goal will also be accomplished.

If not, we may have to rethink whether or not keeping a rooster is worth it! I love Fred but boy, is he loud and obnoxious lol.

Right now my goal for him is to make sure he earns his keep! ๐Ÿ˜„

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