Things are Looking Up!

Well it seems that our heat wave has lightened up a bit, leaving the garden to get on with doing what it does best and giving me a little more time to spend outside during the day before it gets unbearable.

Last night, we stayed out past dark to play with the new fog machine our awesome son bought us for our Halloween display (yes, I know it’s still months away but I’m longing for fall already so I am in the spirit lol).

Of course I had to steer clear from the fog it produced since my immune system doesn’t enjoy breathing in new chemical concoctions without rebelling, so while the guys played with the new toy I walked around practicing my night time photography skills.

While out there, I’d nearly forgotten we are having the last supermoon of 2022! It was just coming out from hiding behind the clouds when I first noticed it…

There was a lot of cloud cover so I only caught sight of it for a few minutes before it disappeared into the night sky…

It was awe inspiring, as always. I was reminded of the gorgeous full moon leading up to Halloween last year and thought I’d check to see if this October will bless us with one on the big day itself, but alas, after a quick Google search.. no luck.

Ah well, as long as the weather cooperates I will be happy. In fact, I will just be happy when fall weather arrives period. How about you? 🙂

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