Adventures in Gardening: More Rain Please!

It rained again overnight, which was great except for the roaring thunder that accompanied it at the break of dawn. It shook the house and jolted me awake. The hubs slept right through it somehow. Which is why I am hesitant to camp with him in grizzly country again! 😄

Ah, blessed rain. The gardener’s best friend. Unless of course it doesn’t ever stop again. Its return means I can take a break today from worrying about the garden being parched without my intervention.

Yesterday when I was out there doing my thing I was very impressed at how well everything is coming along. The day lilies on the shady side of the house are doing amazing…

The corn is starting to tassel…

The white, black and sugar pumpkins are all coming in. New ones are forming daily and it’s hard to count them all, which is awesome.

Can you tell which is which?

The black pumpkins aren’t actually black but turn a really, really, really dark green (almost a Father Ted reference there!) as they ripen so it’s kinda easy to tell them apart right away. Not to mention my fancy garden signs I put up.

Those help, too.

Not that it matters because I’m just going to gather them all up and pile them high for my Halloween display and I am so excited! If you were here last year, you’ll know that we had the best decorated house on the block and we got a ton of trick-or-treaters so this year I want to make it even better, of course.

So yeah, a pile of black and white and orange pumpkins should help me with that!

I’m just keeping my fingers crossed that the rest of our growing season goes as well as it’s been going because let’s be honest, it’s a long way from here until Halloween… 😐

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