Whoa, We’re Halfway There!

Well, a little more than half, but who’s counting? Oh, that’s right, I am. I did the math and we are just a week or so past the halfway mark of our gardening season here in Southeast Idaho and to be honest, I’ve never been so anxious for summer to be over in all my life! 😄

For one thing, hubby’s new job comes with great health benefits but they haven’t kicked in yet so we can not afford me anaphylaxing myself into the ICU at the moment. Which makes heading outside an even more daunting task because the wasps are out in force in this heat and in case I haven’t mentioned it a few hundred times this month yet, I am quite allergic to them and all other stinging critters.

So I definitely won’t miss them, especially the one that found its way inside and was waiting in the window sill for me to open the blind this morning and about gave me a heart attack. That was just after finding a hobo spider in the upstairs bath tub, too!

So yeah, I won’t miss the hobo spiders, either, even though we don’t get near as many of them as we used to thanks to the chickens.

I’ll definitely miss all these flowers, though. This year I’m getting a lot of this gorgeous yarrow in various shades everywhere. I think my favorite is this peachy pink color…

The color reminds me of the day lily on the side of the house which is doing just fine despite the high temperatures, thank goodness!

The sunflowers are also blooming in every direction. Last year I planted mainly black oiled and giants, and this year I added some of these orange ones (I can’t remember the name) and I love them!

Unfortunately my morning glories and alyssum aren’t faring near as well so I’ve pretty much given up on those. Which means no flower girl this year. 😥

Ah, well. Overall, the veggie garden is a success (so far) so I can’t really complain about it (but I still will lol). The corn is struggling but it’s still hanging in there. The potatoes are looking amazing. The pumpkins are popping up all over, including my very first white ones!

There’s a few and they are adorable.

The tomatoes are producing like mad, well at least the cherry tomatoes are.

The others aren’t doing as well and I think it’s because of the heat. I need to try to make a shade structure for them this week to see if it helps. They aren’t dying, they just aren’t producing as many of the big tomatoes as I’d hoped.

The cucumbers are FINALLY starting to grow now, although they still aren’t really growing on the trellis.

Hopefully they’ll take off now that it’s warmer. If I remember, this is the time last year when they really started growing and by the time the first frost came we were still harvesting cucumbers.

Fingers crossed. I really want to make pickles this year.

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