Chill Out!

It was already quite warm by the time we got around to flushing out and refilling the pup’s swimming pool today, which didn’t seem to bother them one bit!

As you can imagine, huskies (well, most of them at least) looove to swim and they love cold water on a hot day.

Sometimes we put ice in there just to chill it even more but we were out of ice so cold water from the hose would have to do for today. Which it did. Everyone took turns doing laps and playing in the mud puddles all around the pool. Willow and Dee Dee especially love to swim. They are like a couple of mermaids!

Odie, too. He’ll stay in there alllll day if we let him…

He just needs a floaty and a cold drink and he’d be the happiest husky ever! 😄

I keep saying I want to put a splash pad in for them with a permanent fountain for them to play in but in the meantime, this will do…

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