Escaping the Dream

“You’re living my dream!” we often get told when we meet new people and talk about our lifestyle here. They particularly mean me since I’m the full time husky wrangler and stay at home dog mommy. They don’t usually know how sick I am or what a struggle it is for me so I get it; not many people get to have a sled dog team and own a small acreage homestead near Yellowstone park.

Despite being unable to do things like mush by myself because I’m sick, I do feel humbly grateful to share this life with my hubs and recognize that it’s a privilege many out there would love to have.

Then again, some people think a life like ours is a dream until they realize how much work it is and how much sacrifice you have to make at times. Not to mention how cold and super freaking windy it is in Idaho (ugh!).

Feeding a pack of a dozen sled dogs costs a lot of money and huskies can not be left alone for any length of time or they will either go insane, escape, or both. Aside from all that, just managing a pack of dogs is time consuming, stressful (though rewarding) and can feel a bit stifling so sometimes I need to escape from it myself.

Sometimes I need a vacation from “living the dream”. šŸ˜„

I have reached this point so we are recruiting a dog sitter and we’re planning our escape. I am so ready to pack up the camper and the buggy with just the hubs and I and head up the road toward Swan Valley…

The hubs promises we’ll go soon. He’s ready to get his fishing pole wet, too, he says.

Of course we’ll probably bring a dog or three along with us because no matter what I say, I can’t go anywhere without them for long. I miss them as much as they miss me!

Plus, we need them to cuddle with because despite it being summer and in the 80s during the day? Up there it STILL gets chilly over night.

That’s what I love about camping, though. Feeling all frosty and cold as you open the camper door on a perfect, July morning…

The smell of coffee brewing and the sound of the water calling…


Now that’s living the dream! Hopefully soon. šŸ™‚

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