A Day in the Life: Suddenly, I’m an Heiress?

This has been a very weird week, starting with a letter I received on Monday informing me that I am an heiress. No, it wasn’t in my spam email folder; it came in the regular mail from a real lawyer. Don’t worry, I won’t get all uppity and you don’t have to address me by a royal title (just yet lol) but I’ll get to that whole juicy story more in just a minute.

Unless you aren’t interested, then you can just look at the following garden pictures and skip the ending of this post. πŸ˜†

The letter was a bit of a shock as I’ve already got my hands full with this garden I “inherited” because the hubs took a new job (which he absolutely loves so I don’t fault him) and just doesn’t have the time he had before to spend in the trenches this summer. Which leaves it basically up to me to manage. He still helps, but not near as much as I’m used to so it’s been… challenging to say the least.

The raised beds got a good weeding this morning before the murder wasps awoke…

I also harvested more of the lettuce to use for our salad tonight, before it gets too big and grows bitter tasting…

Then I freed one of the lilies from the stranglehold of the dreaded but lovely bindweed vines…

A bit more weeding and watering and then it was back inside…

To contemplate on my future now that I’m an heiress (this is where you can stop reading if you don’t like juicy gossip!).

So, here’s the scoop. My older brother who died recently died without a will, which is surprising since he had won quite a large settlement for medical malpractice a few years ago and was quite well off.

I honestly thought he’d either have one or someone with access would have forged one with his signature by now (I kid.. sort of). πŸ€”πŸ€¨

Anyway, I have to mention here that I’ve been estranged from my birth family for many years, including this brother. Not that that matters when you die without a will, apparently. Which is a lesson for us all on estate planning, but I digress.

He was nine years older than me and left home at 17 to join the Air Force, so I barely knew him. He had been married five times (that I know of) and had several children and step children along the way, but he had divorced all his wives and also signed away his rights to his biological children early on in their lives so they could be adopted by their step father. Which means they have no claim to his estate.

So, basically, he had no next of kin but our father and all of us siblings.

That we know of…

He did get around a lot lol. All over the world, too!

So, I got a letter from a lawyer on Monday letting me know I am an heiress and they are wanting me to waive the bond required for one of the sisters (there are three of us) to handle this large estate and I’m now waiting to hear back from my attorney who I am pretty sure is going to tell me not to sign but we’ll see.

I’ve never been an heiress so I kinda figured I needed a lawyer, although I’m not sure they can do much at this point for me since it has to go through the legal process set forth by the state of Wyoming.

Sorry, I know I’m probably oversharing but it’s just too much drama to bottle up. Plus, it is SUCH a crazy story filled with all the elements that make for great cinema, honestly, I may write it out as a novel and sell it. πŸ˜„

So to sum it up, there are five of us (so far) who are heirs, a rather large estate, no will and not a close knit family. This could get interesting!

Depending on how things go, it could be quite life changing for us but I’m not getting my hopes up. Still, I am definitely going to be a bit consumed with this whole drama as it unfolds so stay tuned, I’ll update in a week or two if anything big happens, otherwise it’s back to the old grindstone…

Well, when it cools back down that is.

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