Adventures in Gardening: Reaping the Rewards

Things are finally really starting to pay off and all my hard labor is being rewarded by daily hauls from the garden. It’s not a lot right now, but it’s enough to keep me wanting to go back out to do more. Yesterday I pulled up the last of the garlic and it’s all now smelling amazing while curing in baskets…

Speaking of amazing, we’re eating peas every day right now, mostly because they are so good and also because I’ve been too lazy to put any up long term. 😄

If you’ve ever grown peas you’ll know that they take a lot of work to collect and shell but they’re worth it.

We are also eating lettuce daily because there’s no way to really store it long term.

Also because the tomatoes are now starting to come in, starting with the cherries which are super duper tiny this year!

The carrots still have a ways to grow, so do the onions and corn and potatoes and most everything else, but it’s nice to be able to eat fresh from the garden and it gives me incentive to go out every day and tend to it all, knowing that the reward is so delicious.

Speaking of delicious…

I think I’m looking forward to harvesting the apples the most this year. The new dwarf apple tree we planted last spring has just as many apples on it as the bigger, more established Honey Crisp tree we’ve had for eight years!

It has 30 or more apples on it, which is amazing. Some are close to the ground, too, and I haven’t seen any squirrels bother them so that’s a good sign.


Hopefully they don’t avoid them because they taste bad! 😄

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