One Very Hot Summer Day at a Time

I am counting down the days until winter and pledge here and now when it finally returns to never, ever complain about the weather or how cold it is or how I’m trapped inside with cabin fever ever again!

Okay, that’s probably not true. 😄

In six months this very blog will most likely have at least one post lamenting how cold it is and how I’m trapped inside with cabin fever because of the weather, blah, blah, blah. In between posts of us mushing and having fun in the snow with the sled dogs and me saying how much I love winter and wished it lasted longer, of course.

I honestly don’t know too many people who prefer the heat, except my in laws who live in Las Vegas and absolutely love it. They think we’re the crazy ones who live in Idaho but between you and me, I think all that sun has fried their brains.

If it were up to me, I’d move where there was no such thing as summer. If there is such a place.

Despite it making me sick at times, I am enjoying the summer overall. There are upsides, for sure, like eating fresh peas off the vine and enjoying the serenity early morning hand watering brings…

And I do love that my husky welcome sign matches perfectly with my summer door wreath…

I also love that our house faces east so I get beautiful sunrise views every morning. In the afternoons I spend as much time as I can on the front steps here, in the shade, next to the flowers and the little front pond, watching the wildlife and chatting with random neighbors who pass by…

Today my hubby blessed me with this giant, rusty pot to put flowers in to make it even better. I’m not sure what I’ll put in there but I’m sure I’ll find something. I want to go to the nursery and poke around to see what’s left so I can add a few more things to this front flowerbed for that cottagey look I’m going for.

Speaking of that, no cottage garden is complete without wisteria and thankfully mine is doing well after being transplanted a few weeks ago over near the pumpkin patch…

I think it will survive summer at least. Then we’ll have to worry about getting it (and us) through winter!

One long, cold day at a time…

4 thoughts on “One Very Hot Summer Day at a Time

    1. Same. I complain but I really do love winter here, which is good because I have a feeling we are due for a really bad one soon. The universe might as well throw a historical blizzard or something at us just to make sure we’re still awake.


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