Lazy Days

Aren’t they the best? Just relaxing in the shade, sipping on a tall, cool drink, listening to the sound of the water splashing in the pond and the birds chirping, smelling the scent of pine mixed with wild flowers as you gaze out over the freshly mowed lawn to watch the squirrels scamper from tree to tree…

That was me at about 7 this morning. I was up again at the break of dawn and went out at about 6:30 to do my rounds before stopping to enjoy the morning before the heat became unbearable for me.

While I was out there I stopped to check on the unbelievably cute batch of cornish cross chicks that are now outside in their own little pen…

Then I did a bit of weeding in the strawberry patch…

Then I noticed the sun was hitting the peas just right to let me know exactly how big they are inside the pod…

I thought that was pretty neat.

It looks like these still have some room to grow, which is a good thing because it’s too hot to be out there picking peas now anyway! I think I’ll stay in and make some lemon meringue pies instead.

Hope you are staying cool this Sunday… 😊

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