Cultivate Beauty

The world has so much ugliness that it’s our duty to bring as much beauty to it as we can. I’m doing my part over here, or trying to while fighting against the sun that wants to scorch the earth.

Everything is hanging in there, though. The front flowerbeds look amazing.

The day lily is bigger than ever and helps push out the weeds, which I’m grateful for because I have my hands full with the back garden. It is only happy as long as I religiously tend to it all day long.

I feel like an absolute slave to everything and will for the next few weeks, but it’s all good. In the end I’ll be rewarded and in the meantime, I am cultivating beauty which hopefully makes the world a little bit better.

I’m also cultivating a ton of potatoes! I don’t know where we’ll store them all but we’ll figure it out. Every potato we planted sprouted, which is a good thing…

I’ve been irrigating them morning and evening and they are very healthy. We probably won’t get quite a ton, literally, (I wish!) but at least a hundred pounds if all goes well. It’s a lot to store long term so I’ll have to get creative. 🤔

I still have spots I have to go back over and weed but over all, everything is manageable and I’m actually pretty happy with the results of all my hard labor.

Hopefully when the hubs is off this weekend he’ll be able to relax and just enjoy the yard because I will have done all the work.


As if.

He’ll definitely find things I missed and that’s fine, he is welcome to fix whatever it is. I’m too tired to protest anyway! 😄

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