This I Will Miss

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems as though the summer is already flying by and will be gone before we know it. Here we are, with the 4th of July weekend behind us and in just a few, short weeks, it will be time to harvest the garden.

Some things are already being harvested, like the lettuce…

It is producing like mad already but most everything else won’t be ready until mid to late August.

Just about the time I am in flower heaven, when the wildflower beds are filled in and the giant sunflowers are kissing the sky, things will suddenly wind down and the cold, frosty mornings will return and the first snow will soon threaten to fall.

And the butterflies will disappear.

And the flowers will all die, almost overnight.

And while I will welcome winter because I love it, too, I will miss all of this.

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