Ask and Ye Shall

Sometimes I don’t know what to think because it seems the universe is listening so if I say something out loud, it will happen and often within a short enough amount of time that it seems less coincidental and more… supernatural.

I know, it’s a bit early for Halloween but I can’t help it. I’m a sucker for superstition and I can’t help but notice things. Like the fact that just a couple weeks ago I said, out loud, that I wished I could get better pictures of butterflies but I hardly get a chance to photograph them.

Then, within a couple days, all of a sudden this big, beauty of a butterfly showed up and it’s been back ever since, every few days, fluttering over right in front of me as if asking, no begging, me to take its picture.


Yesterday it flew over to say hello out front as I was pulling weeds…

It was there again this morning out near the antique cart.

I’ve put all of the flowers and shrubs I’ve been keeping on the cart over by the pine tree and as I was watering and checking on them, here it came, for the second day in a row, completely at ease landing within inches of me, giving me plenty of time to get out my camera (even if it’s just my phone) to take tons of pictures.

So that is mighty nice of the universe. I think I’ll start complaining that there’s never any buried money in the garden or something… 🤔😄

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