If I Had a Milk Cow

I wouldn’t be able to drink the milk since I’m allergic and I sure the heck wouldn’t have time to milk it even if I could!

It took me all morning to do my outside chores which includes watering, weeding, feeding and taking care of the animals (ie getting mauled and chewed on and pecked at and howled and crowed at).

My poor immune system goes into overdrive around 11am so I’m forced back inside to look longingly out the windows at the work left undone. I do get quite a bit done when I’m out there but lately it’s mainly just been keeping everything watered so it will survive this heat wave.

I hand water all of the raised beds and wildflower beds every morning…

I had to move a few things around to give them more shade with the sun beating down…

This morning I weeded and dug out better irrigation troughs in the larger, in-ground gardens…

And I started prepping the cart and chair for painting…

This evening I’ll break out the pressure washer and finish getting all the old paint off of them before moving to the next step. It’s probably going to take me awhile to finish these, but since the hubs is busy with his new job it’s really up to me mainly to do the bulk of the work. He’ll help me with the harder stuff, but the rest is up to me.

Unless I want to wait for him to have time which may not be in this lifetime so.. yeah. It’s up to me.

Even though I’m allergic to paint and will have to dress like I work at a level 4 bio lab to do this, but it’s worth it. I think. I’ll just have to do it super early in the morning otherwise it will be TOO DANG HOT.


Another good reason not to have a milk cow. She’d be miserable in this heat!

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