Unfinished Business

After a few good days of warm, sunny, work outside-able weather, it’s stormy and windy and looks like it will rain today (but my weather app says it won’t so I have the sprinklers running just in case).

Which disrupts my flow with the work I started and need to finish outside and forces me to turn back towards homemaking and housekeeping. I’d much rather pull weeds and do bird watching.

Today I’m doing some deep cleaning while also working on converting what was my sewing room into our walk-in closet/dressing room.

We already have two good sized closets in our master bedroom, which is right next to this room, but I wanted somewhere we could spread out and get dressed comfortably, like in an upscale boutique or a dress shop. Where I can block all access to the dogs to keep our clothes somewhat dog hair free. 🤨

The way I’m arranging it, I’ll still use it as a sewing room but I’m slowly moving that into the even bigger empty bedroom downstairs. So eventually it will just be a big walk-in closet with a gorgeous sunrise window view.

That’s the nice thing about a decent sized house when your adult children move out. You get to turn their former rooms into whatever you want and if you want to change that up later, too, you’re free to do that as well!

Empty nest = freedom. Ahhh. ☺

Speaking of freedom, the garden is coming along well although I am nervous after so many of my favorite YouTubers have had some pretty bad runs of luck. Danny from Deep South Homestead lost all his beautiful corn to a flash drought and a few others got bad soil that was contaminated with Grazon and lost crops before they ever had a chance to grow.

It’s been a crazy year weather-wise for everyone and we’ve had a couple set backs like the cucumbers stalling out and the green beans, too, now. But other than that so far, so good.

We harvested the garlic scapes two nights ago…

They are the little swirly things growing in the middle of each garlic plant.

They have a bit like an onion/chive/garlic flavor and were really delicious. I chopped them up and used them in our fajitas for dinner.

I guess I should be grateful to the wind today. For one, I just bought a new wind chime so I get to hear it singing on the back deck all day and also because I actually do have a ton of stuff to do inside, especially since I started a new room change-up. That always takes a few days to finish or at least be satisfied with.

I’m rarely satisfied with anything for long lol.

And nothing is ever really finished around here and that’s just the way I like it. 🙂

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