Greeting the Day

I was rudely woken up just before five this morning but in the end I was glad it happened. Lola was demanding to be let out and as soon as the back door creaked, the homestead came alive! Roosters were crowing, birds were chirping and dogs were barking in the distance (not mine, all but Lola slept in lol).

Then I saw the sun was coming up and I felt a pull to go out first thing and join in. Maybe not to work but I wanted to at least have a cup of coffee out there!

New flowers opened over night, leaving a few new surprises waiting for me right as I walked outside…

I decided to do some quiet irrigating instead of turning the loud sprinklers on because it’s supposed to get super hot today…

Everything seemed content, including the wisteria I transplanted last night. I was hoping to see the cucumbers had taken off but they are still just staying in neutral. Not really growing and not dying…

They’ve been this way for weeks now it seems. 🤔

It didn’t take long for the pups to see me and for the girls and Fred to notice me and demand their breakfast…

It was a fair trade, there were plenty of eggs to share with the dogs and a few for my breakfast, too…

It was getting a bit loud so I came back in just after six and felt so satisfied, as if I had put in half a day’s work already.

I might have to adjust my sleep schedule to go to bed earlier and get up early like this more often!

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