Adventures in Gardening: The Summer Solstice

Yesterday was a near perfect first day of summer here. The sky was blue and the temps were tolerable. The wind was still, which was a miracle. We counted nearly 100 apples growing between the two apple trees. So that was exciting.

Our new momma hen ended up with just one chick that survived. We aren’t sure why two others died overnight after hatching out and appearing quite healthy, but it’s probably because she is new to this and accidentally killed them.

Either way, she’s being really good with this one…

After we made sure the little guy was taken care of, I took quite a bit of time tidying up the greenhouse. And immediately after I was finished I decided to move most of it over to the flower cart because it was getting so hot in there! πŸ˜„

After I was done hauling everything out and arranging it on the cart, and then rearranging it again, I trimmed some parsley and chives from my little kitchen herb planter to use with dinner…

I had wanted a much bigger kitchen herb garden but ran out of space and energy to put one in. Oh well, maybe next year.

Still, all of the basil cuttings I took a couple weeks ago rooted so I moved them into their own jars and added a bit of plant fertilizer to see how they do. These babies are growing like weeds!

I thought of planting some out in the garden to see which do better, those or the ones living in water only, so I might do that as a little experiment today. I definitely have plenty to work with.

Before I went to bed I had to go back out and put everything back in the greenhouse just in case the wind decides to kick up overnight.

Hopefully soon we’ll be able to get a bigger greenhouse so I can really kick things up a notch and do bigger herbs in containers in it.

If we can find one that can withstand these insane Idaho winds, that is! πŸ™„

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